Then & Now

The Kansas City Star has published three books in the Then and Now series. For those unfamiliar with the  concept of the series, it takes a historical photograph and attempts to recreate it in the present day. Sometimes things haven’t changed at all, while other times literally everything has changed.

This section of the site will contain something similar, possibly expanding into maps and satellite imagery in addition to just photographs.


Kansas City

Thanks to the extensive online collections of the Missouri Valley Special Collections at the Kansas City Public Library, I was able to locate many places still standing today and easily accessible for photography.

Longview Farm:

While many of the buildings of Longview Farm have been lost over the years, a number of them still stand and better yet, have views that still look great.

  • Chapel
  • Show Horse Barn / Longview Farm Elementary

Kansas State University and Manhattan, Kansas:

Kansas State University has an award-winning yearbook, Royal Purple. They digitized all editions of it, going way back to the early 1900’s. Being a yearbook, it included many scenes from around campus, and many of those buildings still stand today. Around the 1920’s, the Greek fraternities and sororities started having their houses featured in the book, along with their addresses. Some of these houses are still standing today.


Houses and other buildings:

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