• Then and Now: 303 N. 16th St.

    The most modest entry of Then and Now thus far is this house, located at 303 N. 16th Street in Manhattan. This house is a couple blocks west of City Park, and has a twin next door at 307 N. 16th. That house was also formerly Greek and will be featured in a future post.

    When the historical photo appeared in the 1927 Royal Purple, this house was home to Alpha Xi Delta, which was established at K-State in 1922. This house served the sorority until at least 1933.  As you can see below, the vegetation has thrived since 1927, and somewhere over the last 85 years, they’ve planted a new tree right in front of the house.  I thought about throwing this photo out, but you can see this house hasn’t changed all that much. The nearly identical house next door isn’t nearly as obstructed and should give you a good idea of what is hidden in this view.


  • Then and Now: 300 N. 11th St.

    Today’s installment of Then and Now once again comes from Manhattan, Kansas.

    Much like the last post, the picture comes from the 1927 Royal Purple. The house at 300 N. 11th Street once served as a sorority house (Chi Omega in this case).

    It borders the east side of City Park at the corner of 11th and Leavenworth streets.  The sorority was established at K-State in 1915, and the house first appears in the 1923 Royal Purple. They apparently outgrew this house quickly, as the 1934 Royal Purple page for Chi Omega has their house listed as 1803 Laramie, the current Theta Xi house.


    Note: I know the angle is off a bit. It was hot, apparently I’m a bit taller than the 1927 photographer, and I’d have to go in the street to match the exact angle — 11th Street is a very busy street. 

  • Then and Now: 311 N. 14th

    This should be the first of many installments of the Then and Now on this site. I’ve given a brief overview where the idea came from and whatnot on this page. The historic image in this case came from the 1927 edition of Royal Purple.

    In 1927, the house at 311 N. 14th Street, Manhattan, Kansas was home to Kappa Kappa Gamma. Since then, the sorority has moved elsewhere, but the house remains. As the bottom half of the picture shows, the house continues to receive quite a bit of TLC and still overlooks the west edge of City Park.


  • West Stadium Center Update

    As promised yesterday, here’s some shots of the West Stadium Center at night. I only had my zoom lens with me because I didn’t want to haul around too much (it was night, so I had to carry either carry a tripod or have some of the grainiest photos in existence), so that’s why there isn’t really a “full” shot of it; I couldn’t get far enough away with the lens.


    North end


    Sorry this one turned out a bit blurry. Can clearly see why it’s called the castle.


    Nice front shot of the castle.


    North end of the north end.


    Right now, it’s L SNYDER FA, but soon it will be Bill Snyder Family Stadium. This is also where post editing comes into play, because neither I nor the camera could see the letters when I took the picture.


    Basketball Training Facility. I was working my way around to the east side and I though I might be able to get in this way… nope.


    Another BTF shot.


    Sweet suites.


    The Training Table will be in the part that is purple.


    Still lots of work to do.


    A mostly full shot of the WSC.