• A. Zahner Company

    One one of my photo outings a couple of weeks ago, I went by the A. Zahner Company’s building near The Paseo. I took a picture of a thing they were building outside because I thought it was a bit strange. It is apparently a mockup for the Petersen Auto Museum in LA. There’s a great write-up about the company over at The Atlantic.


  • Luby’s Cafeteria

    The new Cerner campus is going up on the land where Bannister Mall and all of its surrounding retail once stood.¬†They are in the process of tearing down many of the remaining buildings and most of the area is inaccessible. Just south of the fence is an old Luby’s. I’m not sure why the sign is still on the building, considering it’s been closed for 10 or so years. Will it be torn down by Cerner? It’s not certain, but I think it’s within the land they own.


  • Lead Bank (Crossroads)

    In order to get more content on this blog, I’ll be doing lots of little featurettes about places that have been recently built/renovated in Kansas City.

    First up is Lead Bank. It started out as Garden City Bank in its namesake Missouri town. In the mid 2000s it expanded to an eastern Lee’s Summit location, and this year it opened its third location in the Crossroads.

    Here’s an article from the KCBJ about it.




  • Residence and Courtyard Inn (Crossroads)

    A large hotel is being built just south of the downtown loop. It will be a combo Residence and Courtyard Inn. It’s notable because it’s the first downtown hotel to be built since 1985, although there are now others in the works. These pictures are taken from Main Street; the hotel will actually front Baltimore Avenue.