• The Residences at New Longview – August 2015

    Some info on this site is out of date. In the last couple of years, the undeveloped land at New Longview went through a “friendly foreclosure” and now a company called Mariner from Leawood owns the land. They moved forward with building more apartments, and many of those buildings are now ready for occupancy.

    This post shows progress on the new apartment buildings as well as some shots from around the neighborhood.


    South Dairy Barn



    An apartment building fills the gap between the dairy barns.



    Looking towards the South Dairy Barn.



    North Dairy Barn



    North Dairy Barn



    North Dairy Barn, looking towards older apartments



    North Dairy Barn, looking towards old and new apartments



    North Dairy Barn



    North Dairy Barn



    The first building to be completed. Occupied.


    A row of apartment buildings.



    Still working. School in the distance.



    The office is the building on the left.



    Longview Chapel got a mini-bell tower for it’s 100th birthday.



    Stirring up dirt.

  • KC Streetcar Progress – April 2015

    Took these along the line a couple weeks ago, but as usual, there’s some lag between when I take pictures and when I get time to process and post them on this site.

    IMG_2779-1 copy

    Looking south in the 1600 block of Main.


    IMG_2807-1 copy

    Looking south in the 1200 block of Main.


    IMG_2809-1 copy

    Looking south in the 1200 block of Main at a sign stating the obvious.


    IMG_2811-1 copy

    A man crosses over a trench at 10th and Main.


    IMG_2816-1 copy

    Crews hard at work in the 700 block of Main.


    IMG_2818-1 copy

    The Muse of Missouri watches over construction.


    IMG_2824-1 copy

    The first streetcar stop, right outside of Anton’s.

  • One Light Progress – April 2015

    Here’s an assortment of views around the new One Light tower. It is located on the northwest corner of 13th and Walnut Streets. These pictures were taken on April 25th, and I believe the tower is very close to being topped off at its 25 story height.

    IMG_2757-1 copy IMG_2775-1 copy IMG_2794-1 copy IMG_2802-1 copy IMG_2750-1 copy IMG_2752-1 copy IMG_2753-1 copy

  • A Midwinter Night’s University

    These are some of my favorite shots from around campus at night over the past few months.IMG_2207-1 copy IMG_2219-1 copy IMG_2224-1 copy IMG_2244-1 copy IMG_2245-1 copy IMG_2252-1 copy IMG_2253-1 copy IMG_2260-1 copy IMG_2264-1 copy IMG_2266-1 copy IMG_2272-1 copy IMG_2276-1 copy IMG_2278-1 copy IMG_2283-1 copy IMG_2291-1 copy IMG_2295-1 copy