About the Archives

About the Site

The Archives of Kansas City site was originally founded as a blog in June 2011 to fill what I felt was a lack of dedicated blogging (or writing) about Kansas City’s buildings and infrastructure. That blog floundered for the next few months publicly, as I assembled research for a couple of large projects but did not publish anything significant.

During October 2011, I purchased the ArchKC.com domain and started slowly pushing out actual updates to the site.

Finally, as 2013 rolled around, the site received a new focus. It became less focused on the architecture of the area and expanded to focus on the history. While the focus of the site is Kansas City, I will also use this site for posts about the entire region, as Kansas City serves as a hub for a huge area.

The decision to focus more on history and less on architecture came for two reasons: First, there are a ton of historical resources out there that aren’t well known, and I would come across many of them while researching the architectural details. Secondly, I really don’t have that great of knowledge about architecture.

The Logo

I was trying to come up with a memorable logo for the site that wouldn’t be too hard to produce. I decided this play on words fit perfectly. The Longview “arch” is a great example of “arch”itecture. To get the logo in its current state, I took an architectural drawing produced in a HABS/HAER survey, reduced the image from 9000 (yes, that large) pixels down to a mere 125, emphasized the outline, and added the KC text.

The logo is gone until I fix it up a bit.

About the Writer

ArchKC is a one-man operation ran by an aircraft engineer that actually lives in Wichita now. He was a student at Kansas State University when starting this blog (so be thankful that this site doesn’t have an all purple color scheme). He has always been fascinated by the buildings that surrounded him growing up in Kansas City. This enjoyment of built things, history,working on building websites for the past few years, and the satisfaction he gets from writing are all combined in this site.

Where’d you get all the historical stuff?

The Library of Congress is a great place to find old pictures that you can use without worrying, and Google is good for searching for about anything else. Searching KC Star archives lets you see the evolution of development over an extended period of time. On occasion, gems can be found in the online collections of universities and large libraries. Most NRHP nomination forms for place that made it onto the registry are online somewhere. If you know a place is on the registry, it’s worth trying to find the form because they are generally very well-written.

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  1. Mr. & Mrs. Main /

    This is a great blog. My husband grew up on the Grandview side of town and I grew up in KCK. I never knew about the Longview Farms until recently when he told me about growing up near there. Your article is fascinating! I learned so much. Thanks for your hard work.

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