More Preparation

A little over three weeks remain until the start of the journey, so don’t anticipate many more updates to this site until June. That probably brings up a really good question. How am I planning on posting to this site from abroad?


I’m counting on somewhat reliable WiFi at hostels and other random places. I’ll be taking my tablet (a Nexus 7), as a regular computer would be far to expensive and heavy to lug around for a month. It’s not ideal to type on a tablet, but it sure beats some of the other alternatives. Worst case with the WiFi (and something I’ll do anyways) is that I’ll have to draft all the posts in one of the notepad apps.

I have found a way to get pictures online from my camera, also using the tablet. It works something like this:

  • Take memory card out of camera
  • Put card in USB memory card adapter
  • Use a USB adapter to get the right type of USB connection for the tablet
  • Use an app to get pictures from memory card (Nexus Media Importer)
  • Make sure I have the “Share to Google Drive” option selected

And bam, they’re on the World Wide Web and can go wherever I tell them to go. I should have access to a Drive account that has 1 TB of storage, so no worries there either!

Other, non-geeky preparations to be taken care of very soon:

  • Start hunting down hostels
  • Pick out a backpack… buy it
  • Pack a minimal amount of clothes
  • Buy some pickpocket-proof something to keep the monies and passport safe.
  • Finalize-ish the itinerary
  • Book a return ticket. From Rome?

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