Saddle Horse Manager’s House – Longview Farm

This is the thirteenth post in a multi-part series about Longview Farm in Lee’s Summit, Missouri (and the second post in the series about a place that is still standing, well, at least mostly standing!).


An undated view of the front (southwest) side of the house during its early years (1).

General Info:

  • Built: 1914
  • Modifications: Porches enclosed at some point
  • Disused: by 1986
  • Size: About 30′ by 35′, two stories
  • Location: Directly east of the Farm Office
  • Listed on NRHP: Yes

The Saddle Horse Manager’s House is number 19.

Function and Features

This house is nearly identical to the Dairy Manager’s House (#23 in map above), just on the other side of the farm office (#8). Both houses have a wide bank of windows on the front side of the second floor. This leads to what the NRHP form calls a jerkinhead roof. At some point, the front and back porches were enclosed; since being abandoned, the porches are once again open.

I actually have a fairly detailed record of who lived in this house. As far as I can determine, the house was occupied by Roy Buell and his family from 1930 until 1972. Roy started by cleaning out hog barn for cows. He worked with the dairy cows from 1935-44. He built the clay tile silos on barns in 1938 and 1939. The original silos were wood with stucco and one burst from pressure. Oops. The farm sold out dairy cows in 1944 after artificially breeding cows from 1940-1944, no bulls. After dairy cows, they had a Hereford herd until 1954. Finally, Roy served as general manager from 1962-1972. He lived in the same house throughout all of these different positions apparently. When he left farm in 1972 there were 32 people on the farm’s payroll. I also don’t know when it became disused, but it was apparently occupied in 1979 when the HABR survey came through, but with the farm sold in 1986, the tenants likely had to then move elsewhere.


Since being disused, the house has slowly deteriorated.

Additional Photos


A look at the NE side of the house. (2)


A view of the southwest (front) side of the house. (3)


A view of the front of the house from the NRHP nomination form. (4)

Photo Credits

(1) – (3) are from the HABS survey, 1979.

(4) is from the NRHP nomination form, 1985.

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