• Then and Now: 1817 McGee Street

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    This entry will be much shorter than some of the other Then and Now features, mostly because I wasn’t able to dig up much information about this building.

    The top photo was taken sometime during the 1960s, and the bottom photo was taken this August. Tomboy, which was a clothing design studio, had just closed its retail outlet at the location when this photo was taken. They had been in the location since 2003.

    The facade hasn’t been touched since the 60s, apparently. Some of the damage done to the stone near the top of the building can be seen in both photos.

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  • Then and Now: Bonfils Building

    This is another entry in the site’s Then and Now series, and one of many that will feature a location in Downtown KC.

    Today’s featured location is probably familiar to many, as it is located right across from the Sprint Center at 1200 Grand Boulevard. The two story building was built in 1925 and named for its owner, Frederick Bonfils, a Missouri native who published the Denver Post, and then Kansas City Post from 1905 to 1922.

    The building housed commercial tenants on its ground floor for many years. For a time, it also had a pool hall in the basement, which was destroyed by a water main break. One long time tenant was the Wonderland Arcade, which can be seen in the top picture taken in 1950. The arcade was located in the building from the mid-40s through sometime in the early 1980s. It definitely closed before 1983, as the nomination form for the National Register shows the building was for lease.

    The building was renovated after the arcade closed. It has also likely been renovated since 2005, as the printing business that was the primary occupant then is now gone. The building remains in good condition today and houses the offices for the NAIA, an athletic association for many small colleges.

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  • Then and Now: 309 Delaware Street

    We’ve previously featured a photo from 1891 on the site, but today’s Then and Now entry features an even older photograph.

    When settlers came to what is now Kansas City, Missouri in the mid-1800s, much of the area was full of bluffs. As the appetite for development grew, flatter land was needed and many of these large bluffs were cut down, with the loess of the bluff used as fill around town.

    The top photograph is from May 1868 as the area was undergoing cutting. The house was undoubtedly torn down soon after this photo was taken. Another building replaced it by 1890, which can be seen in the bottom photograph. Today, the building houses a law firm on its first floor and lofts on the floor above. You can view the lofts here, the address is 309 Delaware.


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    More than you probably ever wanted to know about the rock ledge and bluffs that KC grew from

    Source of the 1868 photo.