• Historical Resources for KC and Beyond

    I meant to write about this a while back; I wanted to share a bunch of the resources I use on this blog with anyone else that might be interested in researching the history of Kansas City or surrounding areas.

    Specific Resources

    Library of Congress – Great for about anything. They’ve overhauled it since I started using it a couple years ago and it seems to now completely integrate all of their collections into a simple search.

    Archive.org – I used this specifically for their Kansas State collection of newspapers and yearbooks, but many other places have lots of useful material on there too.

    Missouri Valley Special Collections – A site run by the KC Public Library, and is currently being filled with more digital content daily.

    Kansas Memory – The online home of the Kansas Historical Society.

    Missouri Digital Heritage – Online resources from the Missouri State Library.

    General Resources

    Your local library should have access to some sort of newspaper archives.

    Every place on the National Register of Historic Places should have its nomination form online somewhere. If it can’t be found on a state website, Google the name of the place along with “nrhp form”.

    Local Facebook groups – If there’s a “You know you’re from…” group in your town, it’s probably a good source of local history.

    I think that pretty much covers most of the sources that I use regularly. If you need help finding information about something in Kansas or Missouri, feel free to shoot me an email at admin@archkc.com. I probably wouldn’t charge a fee for research unless it’s something particularly difficult to locate.