• Another Update and Refocus

    If you have kept track of the site, you’ll notice that I have returned to using a theme that is based on the more traditional blog layout. This will be the last redesign unless I develop my own theme at some point. I’ve made about 95% of the tweaks needed to make this layout about as perfect as can be. Also, I’ve added the advertisements back to the site. They shouldn’t be too intrusive, and I kind of need the income to help keep this thing afloat long-term.

    Also, a refocus! Lately it’s been all Then & Now stuff, mostly because I didn’t have time to write too in-depth and make full-fledged articles. Going forward, I am going to expand the coverage of this site to include a lot of development and behind the scenes stuff. The cities and counties around here put quite a bit of information online, but sometimes someone needs to make a bit of sense out of it!

    Be on the lookout for a far more active site soon.