Then and Now: Holton Hall

Today is another edition of a slightly tree-obscured Then and Now.

Holton Hall was built for the College of Agriculture in 1900. Sometime after Waters Hall was built in 1913, the Ag College moved out and the College of Education moved in. As far as I can tell, they stayed until eventually migrating over to Bluemont Hall across the street in the 1980s. Since then, Holton has been home to various Student Services offices.

The top picture is another example of a pre-Royal Purple yearbook image. The picture is from the 1907 edition of College Annual. In the intervening 106 years, K-State has added roads to campus and planted trees — including one right where the picture was taken in 1907. Very little has changed on the exterior of the building. The current picture was taken in July and they’ve finished up most of the work on the foundation since then.


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