Then and Now: Longview Chapel

Today’s Then and Now should have been published a long time ago. I took this photo over a year ago!

I will talk about Longview Chapel Christian Church and its history a lot more in an upcoming post of the Longview Farm Project.

The top picture comes from the HABS survey of the farm and was taken around 1920, just a few years after the church opened in 1915. During the early years of the farm, the church also served as a school building for the farm children before they were eventually sent to the three different districts that covered the grounds of the farm.

Looking at the recent photo, taken in 2012, you’ll notice very few changes in the original building. Even 97 years later, the bell is tilted the same way! During the mid-90s, the church was facing closure with just a few families left as members. By 2001, the addition you partially see in the recent photo was added, as the church had grown tremendously to include over 100 families.


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