Then and Now: 303 N. 16th St.

The most modest entry of Then and Now thus far is this house, located at 303 N. 16th Street in Manhattan. This house is a couple blocks west of City Park, and has a twin next door at 307 N. 16th. That house was also formerly Greek and will be featured in a future post.

When the historical photo appeared in the 1927 Royal Purple, this house was home to Alpha Xi Delta, which was established at K-State in 1922. This house served the sorority until at least 1933.  As you can see below, the vegetation has thrived since 1927, and somewhere over the last 85 years, they’ve planted a new tree right in front of the house.  I thought about throwing this photo out, but you can see this house hasn’t changed all that much. The nearly identical house next door isn’t nearly as obstructed and should give you a good idea of what is hidden in this view.


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