• West Stadium Center Construction

    This is what K-State’s West Stadium Center looks like as of June 25th.


    Looking northeast.


    Field-side view


    Same as last picture, just with a few trees in the way.


    Looking east.


    Looking south.

  • Another Name Change

    For those of you keeping track, you’ll notice that the name of the site has changed yet again. This is the third name for the site. I’m just glad I can keep on coming up with better names AND keep the domain name.

    First incarnation: Architecture: Kansas City

    Second incarnation: A Really Cool History: Kansas City

    Current incarnation: Archives of Kansas City

  • Extensive Then & Now Features Coming Soon!

    Sorry for the recent absence of posts after I promised some a few months ago.

    I have recently come across a huge amount of high quality and old (as old as 1891!) photographs. Many of these photographs have buildings in them. Some of those buildings are still standing. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be trying to get out and take pictures of as many places as I can, and shortly after that, I’ll start pushing out updates to the site.