• Memorial Light at Night

    This picture was taken while renovation work was still taking place, although that’s barely noticeable in this pic.

  • El Presidente

    This is one of the few angles from which you cannot see the letters spelling out P-R-E-S-I-D-E-N-T… for the Hotel President, obviously.

  • Blue Window, Power, and Light

    A street level view of the Power & Light building, where BNIM has filled a window with what appears to be blue balloons. Also, notice that car at the far left of the frame? Seems weird to have a surface lot next to a 30+ story building.

  • AMC Mainstreet

    This is a photo you couldn’t take now. Thanks to a divorce of AMC and Cordish Co., the AMC lettering has come off the building, soon to be replaced with some for the Alamo Drafthouse.