Entrance Gates or Arches – Longview Farm

This is the sixth post in a multi-part series about Longview Farm in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.

The North Arch as it appears today. (1)

General Info (for both):

  • Built: 1914
  • Modifications: Both have been moved from original locations; East Arch has been reconstructed. Both have had text changed from “Longview Farm” to “New Longview”. At least one arch had “Welcome” sign at one point.
  • Disused: Still in use
  • Razed: Still in use
  • Size: About 14′ 6″ clearance, can fit a narrow two-lane road underneath.
  • Original Locations: 100 ft. south of Longview Rd. and View High Dr. intersection on Longview Rd. (North), eastern boundary of farm on Longview Rd., which lines up with the eastern edge of the Longview subdivision now. (East)
  • Current Locations: Directly in front of Hawthorn Bank (North), Near corner of Longview Rd. and Redbuck Cir. (East)
  • Listed on NRHP?: Yes, both arches

Function and Features

A 1920's view of the East Arch looking into the farm from the west. (2)

The Entrance Arches, also known as the Entrance Gates, were built by Long to create an opulent entrance to the farm. They introduced guests to the unified architecture of the farm. The arches have remained relatively unchanged architecturally, but are the only structures in the farm that have been moved for preservation.

At some point, ownership of the arches was transferred to the City of Lee’s Summit. The city never did maintenance on the arches despite owning them, and were likely kept from deteriorating completely by the owners of the farm. The arches would need repairs, as being a narrow spot in the road left them vulnerable to being hit by vehicles. Longview Community College tried to obtain one of the arches in 1992 and then again around 2001, but both times they apparently fell short of fundraising goals. They would have needed about $145,000 to move the North Arch to their campus. It was clear by that time that the arches would either need to be removed or demolished with the impending creation of a parkway through Longview. On November 22, 2002, a truck carrying a crane crashed into the East Arch, causing serious damage. It appeared the arch might have to be salvaged, but it was mostly intact when it was moved to its current location. This also changed plans for the North Arch, which was to remain over the one lane portion of Longview Road at View High Drive. The accident made it clear that this would not work, and the North Arch was moved in late 2003.

The reconstructed East Arch in its current location. (3)



The arches still remain as iconic entrances to the farm. Since both have been moved to New Longview property, the text atop the arches has been updated to reflect the change.

Additional Photographs


North Arch showing Hawthorn Bank in the background. (4)

View of East Arch looking east in 1978. (5)

View of East Arch looking east in 1985. (6)

Photo Credits
(1) Me, October 2011.
(2) Anderson Photography Co., HABS, 1920’s.
(3) Me, June 2011.
(4) Me.
(5) David Kaminsky, HABS, August 1978.
(6) Piland-Uguccioni, NHRP, June 1985.

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