Brood Mare Manager’s House – Longview Farm

This is the fourth post in a multi-part series about Longview Farm in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.

Brood Mare Manager's House in foreground, Horse Trainer's House in background.

General Info:

  • Built: early 1920’s
  • Modifications?: None known
  • Disused: Unknown
  • Razed: 1996
  • Size: 35′ x 55′, one and a half stories.
  • Location:  2808 and 2812 SW 10th St.
  • Listed on NRHP?: No

Map showing Broad Mare Manager's House and surrounding area as of 1978.

Function and Features

Unlike many of the buildings at Longview Farm, the Brood Mare Manager’s house was built after the farm was completed. This residence would serve its official capacity for only a few short years, as the brood mares would be sold of by 1935. It appears the residence was just changed into residence for anyone at the farm afterwards. In 1978, Mr. Clarence Aldrich was occupying the residence. I am sure The Longview We Remember has an account of when he moved out and how long he had been there. This post will be revised when I figure that out.

By the 1990’s, the Longview subdivision would be encroaching on the vicinity of this house. Sometime during 1996, it was torn down and a new house was going up in the same spot by the next spring. While it would have been nice to keep an old house in a residential neighborhood, it was simply too small to blend in well with the rest of the neighborhood.

The house was in line with many of the residences on Longview Farm. It had a few small rooms and  a screened in front porch. There isn’t too much architecturally interesting.

The west side of the house, showing the windowed-in porch.


2808 and 2812 SW 10th St. It would rest up against 2812 and extend to halfway across 2808’s driveway. Current houses are about double the width.

Additional Photographs


Furnishings inside the house, which was still occupied in 1978.

Photo Credits

All photos were taken by David J. Kaminsky for HABS, August 1978.
The map excerpt comes from a map prepared by Darl Rastorfer, 1978 and edited by me.

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