Brood Mare Barn – Longview Farm

This is the third post in a multi-part series about Longview Farm in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.


Looking at the south and east sides of the barn.

General Info:

  • Built: 1914
  • Modifications?: Converted from horse to cattle use about 1935.
  • Disused: Likely around 1957.
  • Razed: Sometime between 1990 and 1996
  • Size: 45′ x 110′, one story with loft
  • Location (relative to today’s surroundings): 2813 SW 10th St. The barn would cover the west side of the house and extend north a bit and south to the current property line.
  • Listed on NRHP?: No

Map showing Broad Mare Barn and surrounding area as of 1978.

Function and Features

The Brood Mare Barn was originally a place to house horses that share the same name. In 1935, the Brood mare horses were sold off along with the rest of the horses except the hackneys. Dairy operations expanded to take over the barn. It’s not clear if the beef operation continued to use the barn, but either way it was abandoned in 1957 with the end of the cattle business at the farm.

For some reason, the entire Broad Mare complex was left off of the NRHP nomination. Sometime between 1990 and 1996, the barn was torn down, as it was then right in the middle of the Longview subdivision. It was likely in an advanced state of deterioration at the time of its demolition and rehabilitation would have been cost prohibitive. Still could have served as a nice clubhouse for the subdivision.

One of the brood broad sides of the barn.

Among the barns, the Brood Mare Barn was probably the least ornate and architecturally bland. Only the single cupola in the middle set this barn apart from the standard barn. The barn was 10 bays long, and there are ten windows on each side of the building.


Two houses cover up any trace of the barn. It looks like many of the trees on the southeast side of 2813 SW 10th St. were close to the east side of the barn, which is why they may look a bit more mature when compared to other trees in the area.

Additional Photographs


Southwest side.

North side. Note the power lines.

Inside the barn.

Photo Credits

All photos were taken by David J. Kaminsky for HABS, August 1978.
The map excerpt comes from a map prepared by Darl Rastorfer, 1978 and edited by me.

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