• Welcome to ArchKC

    Welcome to Architecture Kansas City, the first site of its kind dedicated to the Kansas City area, from what I can tell. This site will contain writing about anything in the built environment of Kansas City. A multitude of sites exist for cities like St. Louis, but the KC scene seems a bit bland.

    For at least the first couple of months, posts on the site will likely be grouped into two major projects: the Longview Farms project and the Country Club Plaza project. Additional projects may be added, and random other features may also be thrown in the mix.

    I see this “project” method as being an accessible way to learn about Kansas City. Yes, there are plenty of Wikipedia articles, but they usually don’t go very deep into a subject at all. Likewise, there are many books about Kansas City, but they are often boring, frankly. I will format the projects so they are interesting, and neither too Wikipedia-light nor too book-dense.

    Happy reading (and learning)!

    – Paul S.